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Timothy Lawler

Classical Guitar

Teaching Materials 

Some of the music I use in lessons...


Solo Guitar Playing Vol. I, Frederick Noad, Schirmer - beautiful studies for learning the open strings, first position reading, and introductory work in upper positions.

Learning the Classic Guitar, Part 2, Aaron Shearer, Mel Bay - excellent music quality and sequence of skill building in small easy to follow steps.



Studies, Books 1-3, Julio Sagreras, Chanterelle -  beautiful and engaging latin/classical solos.  The individual studies I most often include:  Book 1, nos. 75, 79, 82, 84, 85.  Book 2, nos. 3, 7,  8, 10, 11,12,13, 14, 16, 24, 28, 29.  Book 3, nos.  1, 4, 14, 29, 37. 

Flamenco Guitar Basic Techniques, Juan Serrano, Mel Bay - flamenco is good for the development of the hands, and is tremendously fun to play because of its directness, rhythm, and great effort/sonority ratio.

25 Studies, Op. 60, Mateo Carcassi, Carl Fischer,  or Chanterelle distributed by Mel Bay 97386

20 Studies, Fernando Sor/Andres Segovia, edition Hal Leonard

Flamenco Guitar,Mariano Cordoba, Oak Publications

The Flamenco Guitar, Juan Grecos

Guitar School - A Theoretical and Practical Method Based on the Principles of Francisco Tarrega Books 1-2, Emilio Pujol, Editions Orphee

Preludes, Manuel Ponce

Etudes Simples,  Leo Brower



Complete Guitar Works of Villa-Lobos, Introduction by Frederick Noad, Editions Max Echig

The Renaissance Guitar, Compiled by Frederick Noad, Amsco. (AM35882)

Contemporary Moods for Classical Guitar, Arr. Laurindo Almeida, Big 3, United Artists Music

Beatles for Classic Guitar, Beekman, Hal Leonard

Bach for Classical Guitar, Arr. Jerry Snyder, Charles Hansen

9 Sonatas, Vol. I and II Domenico Scarlatti, Transcribed by Barbosa-Lima

World's Favorite Solos for Classic Guitar, compiled by Harvey Vinson, Ashley Publications

Pieces for Classical Guitar, Compiled by Peter Greenwood, Music Sales

Ragtime Guitar, Scott Joplin, arr. Paul Lolax

Cavatina and 20 Movie Themes, arr. Stan Ayeroff

Jazz Selections for Classical Guitar, Stanley Solow,  Mel Bay

Playing the Guitar, Frederick Noad



Chansons et Danses D'Amerique Latine, Vol. A, B and C, arr.  Yvon Rivoal, Editions Henry Lemoine, Paris (imported by Guitar Solo Publications) - beautiful rhythmic arrangements that expand nicely to trios and quartets. 

Classic Guitar Duets, compiled by Harvey Vinson, Music for Millions No. 60 - includes an especially good collection of Carulli duets

Guitar and Flute Duets, compiled by Peter Draper

The Rosewood Book (flute/guitar) trans. Peter Greenwood



What to Listen for in Music, Aaron Copland - many aspects of the composer's, performer's and listener's musical thought process

Making Music for the Joy of It, Stephanie Judy - gets inside the head of the adult amateur music maker with discussions on motivation, practice, performing and playing with others.

Body and Soul, Frank Conroy - a touching novel about a musically gifted young boy growing up

A Sound Approach to Teaching Instrumentalists, Stanley Schleuter - good advice on music education theory and lesson planning strategy for the teacher

Segovia, Graham Wade - Segovia inspired a whole generation of guitarists and listeners

A Life on the Road, Julian Bream and Tony Palmer - day to day with Bream on tour in Europe, and his thoughts on his career, recordings, colleagues, instruments and audience.

Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music