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Timothy Lawler

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Lessons

My teaching program is organized to develop the student's skills in a well-balanced and systematic way - musical understanding and fundamentals, guitar technique, expression/creativity... customized to fit the individual student.  My aim is to share a love of the guitar and help my students to become lifelong music makers.

-How to use the hands correctly

-Reading fluency

-Building a solo repertoire

-Fingerboard knowledge

-Tone production

-Music theory and ear training

-Ensemble playing

I use method books by Aaron Shearer and Frederick Noad with beginning students, combined with beginning repertoire I've collected over the years.  Intermediate and advanced students further develop their skills with studies by Sagreras, Brouwer, Sor, Villa-Lobos and others, as well as other varied repertoire suited to their abilities and interests.  I use flamenco method books by Serrano, Cordoba and Grecos.  All lessons are one-on-one.

I'm located in Bellevue, WA.

Materials I use in teaching

A few of my students